I travel and do websites.

from the ground.

Fullstack Ruby on Rails & JS developer.
I do love working on great projects and discovering the world.

Welcome to my lab

This is a place where I experiment web related things. Optimised for desktop & touch devices.

Eyes wide open.

I do love traveling. With my wife, we travelled thousand miles from North America to the South in 2012.

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Cerro Torre. El Chalten, Patagonia.

I create websites.

As a lead developer working with Ruby on Rails and Javascript for years, I did tons of amazing project.
You might want to see Etapes Magazine the well known graphism magazine or Retrovery the retro things social network.

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If you got a cool place to recommand for having a fresh beer or anything you want.

Behind the scene of this page
Ruby on Rails 4.0.2, javascript (coffeescript), HAML, SASS, Google Map API, Canvas drawing for the bubbles right behind, jQuery for lazy DOM selections and CSS3 transformations.